Hard times leads to increased Domestic Battery arrests

June 5 2021

Covid has taken a toll on all of us.  It has particularly strained the relationships of husbands and wives.  For many people, months of unemployment led to financial hardship.  Being trapped in the same house under hard times has led to drinking, and as we know, alcohol only makes things at home harder to deal with.

Getting arrested for Domestic Violence (domestic battery), can have serious consequences.  The Courts often impose a no contact order.  For most families, that is a disaster.  The family could not afford one place to stay, much less now another one for the charged family member.

For some people, getting arrested caused them to miss work and lose a valuable job.  Having to bond out created yet another financial hardship.  On top of that, in some instances, there is also a civil injunction hearing before a different judge, one other than the one in the criminal case.

http://On top of that, in some instances, there is also a civil injunction hearing before a different judge, one other than the one in the criminal case.Navigating the criminal Courts is not something you should do alone.  Many people are hurting for money, and have no choice but to rely on a Public Defender.  That, in many respects, is like going to a Public Health clinic.  Most private lawyers handle fewer cases and have more time to devote to individual cases.  Most of the domestic battery cases are misdemeanors but they still have dire consequences.  A domestic violence arrest can cause the surrender of your concealed weapons license and prevent you from buying a firearm.  A conviction can land you in County Jail, and a conviction may hurt you when it comes to future job opportunities.

As a Sarasota criminal defense lawyer, my  goal is to prevent a conviction, and hopefully reunite the family.  People who have loved each other for years may find themselves in a squabble that gets out of hand.  Many times, one or both,  have been drinking, and may have said or done something completely out of line.  Sadly, the State Attorney’s Office sometimes just files the charge for the Court system to sort out.

There are alternative solutions that may prevent a conviction.  Anger management counseling may be a better answer.  Taking alcohol out of the picture may restore the relationship.  There are programs that can deal with this issue and get help for everyone, eliminating the need for anyone to go to jail.

If you, a spouse or a relative have been arrested for domestic battery, talk to a Sarasota defense attorney before your Court date.  There may be a solution that diverts the case out of the system with a view towards restoring the family relationship.

Domestic battery is not just limited to husbands and wives.  Many times the issue may involve brothers, sisters, parents and sometimes a gay couple.  Jealousy may have triggered the confrontation.  Drugs, Gambling, loss of employment, all contribute to things getting out of hand.  Most lawyers do not charge for a free consultation, so if you have been arrested, it is worth a few minutes of time to get some advice from someone who knows the system.

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